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This game is a fan fiction of the Touhou Project.

Operating environment


Windows 7/8/8.1/10












Her morning is too early today. Aya awoke at the dawn and began preparing.

Looking out the window, she found a light that fly in the sky.
I thought that she was a shooting star at first, but that light did not disappear.
What is that...?

She got excited with excitement.

I have never seen such a thing.
Meteor? No, it can not be shining like that for so long.
It seems to be quite high, so it seems that no one is flying.
Besides, it does not seem to be related to UFOs either.
What is that?


OK / Shot / AccelerationZButton 1
Cancel / BombXButton 2
Low speed / DecelerationShiftButton 3
Talk skipCButton 4
PauseEscButton 5

Pad buttons can be set with key config.



In the stage, we will advance while adjusting the speed with acceleration and deceleration.
Since the scrolling speed is the same as your moving speed, proceed with safety if you proceed at low speed.
However, if you want to score a high score you need to go fast.

There are walls, enemies, items on the stage.
If you have a wall in front of you, you will not proceed.
If you do not avoid it well, you will be crushed by the scroll, and if you go out of the screen the life will decrease.
Similarly, the enemy does not die even if you touch it, but if you do not avoid it well, it will be pushed out of the screen.
There are 4 kinds of items, and if you acquire, the score will increase.

When an enemy or wall appears in a dangerous arrangement ahead, a CAUTION mark will be displayed at the right end of the screen.


In the battle with the boss, we will shoot like avoiding the boss bullet like a normal shooting game.
If you lose the boss' s physical fitness gauge, the attack phase will move on and you will be able to defeat the boss beyond all attacks.

If you do not hit the boss without hitting the spell card in the boss, you will get a spell card.
The bonus according to that spell card will be added to the score.
Also, the spelling card has time limit, and when it times out, it gets spell card acquisition failure forcibly.
Please limit the time limit to the circle deployed around the enemy.

Some spell cards are not damaged by enemies no longer staying from the screen or hit judgment disappears.
This type of spell card will be spell card acquisition by enduring until time runs out.


The score increases. The amount to be increased increases as the current speed increases.
Bomb will increase by 1.
Life will increase by 1.
The score increases only a little. It occurs at the time of bomb erasure or boss attack change.

Player status

Depending on the situation you may carry a magic circle on your back.
In either condition you can destroy the wall and move forward, you can not accelerate or decelerate.

White magic circle is invincible time.
It happens after using Bomb.
The blue magic circle occurs in the title display time at the beginning of the stage.
A red magic circle occurs when it exceeds the speed of sound.

Exceeds sound speed

When the speed of the player reaches 1225km/h on the stage, a shock wave occurs and it becomes a special state.
During this time it will become invincible for a certain time and speed will be maintained.

After a few seconds, normal invincible time will occur and will slow down.